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A new era in handcuffs safety

21st Century Cuffs can help you de-escalate encounters faster, more safely, and in more ways than traditional handcuffs

When you work in law enforcement and a situation escalates, both officers and subjects can get hurt … or worse. Even if tragedy is averted, officers can face lawsuits, terminations, and even prison time.

For the sake of everyone involved, you need safer tools and faster de-escalation techniques.

Simply put: You need 21st Century Cuffs. 

Why 21st Century Cuffs are better than traditional handcuffs

Most handcuffs are connected by only a few links of chain. This limits their adaptability and ease of use because the subject’s hands must be pulled close together and held in place long enough to apply the cuffs. 21st Century Cuffs are different.Our cuffs are connected by an adjustable-length steel cable that can extend up to 18 inches. This means an officer can cuff both of a subject’s hands with much less effort and struggle, then easily shorten the cable to whatever length is desired. 

This adaptability enables 21st Century Cuffs to reduce the likelihood of injury to both subject and officer in several meaningful ways:

  • Makes cuffing faster, decreasing the time the subject has to struggle and injure themselves or others
  • Enables officers to get violent or manic subjects under control more easily
  • Helps mitigate the need for pin-downs, holds, and other risky subdual techniques
  • Can easily restrain larger, less flexible subjects who would require two sets of traditional cuffs
  • Enables a wider range of cuffing techniques. Cuff one hand in front, thread wire between the legs, and cuff the other hand in back. Or secure one cuff to a subject’s hand and the other to a tree or pole while you await backup.
  • Once one hand is cuffed to a tree or pole using 21st Century Cuffs, you can use a second set of cuffs to secure the subject’s hands without releasing the first set
  • Enables hands to be cuffed more loosely, which is known to help subjects remain calmer during questioning
  • Can also be used as leg cuffs, greatly reducing the probability of a potentially dangerous escape attempt

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at this video demonstration to see 21st Century Cuffs in action:

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In fact, 21st Century Cuffs are so much safer that they could help protect officers and departments against expensive and career-threatening lawsuits.

5 tragic reasons every police department should want 21st Century Cuffs

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