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The 21st Century Cuffs story

Ben Cuffs had seen enough. Yet another news story about a police officer who ended up in prison because an on-duty encounter went pear-shaped. Something needed to change. Too many people—both subjects and officers—were getting hurt. Too many officers were getting hit with lawsuits for trying to do their jobs.

Determined to help, Ben dug into the data … and had a revelation: In many situations gone wrong, the problem was not the officer. Rather, it was that the officer’s equipment lacked the functionality necessary to de-escalate the situation safely.  Ben resolved to create a better solution … and 21st Century Cuffs was born.

At 21st Century Cuffs, we have one simple goal: To create safer handcuffs that reduce injury risk for both subjects and police, keeping our officers on the job and out of legal trouble. Everything we do is dedicated to this goal—and, in turn, to the police officers all across the U.S.A and the world.

We serve you. So you can serve the public. It’s an honor.  

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